Content marketing – content that generates results

Content marketing or content marketing is a strategy that has been widely used, especially in a digital environment to attract potential customers and increase the visibility of a brand.

This is because in content marketing, strategies are aimed at creating content that is useful for the user, passing on to him some relevant information.

The user, when receiving a rich material, that helps him in any solution, will develop a greater interest in that brand, will have more confidence in his products and will be able to become a customer, or even share the content contributing to increase the visibility of that brand.

What problems can content marketing solve?

With the digital world being used more and more, and it is usually in the online environment that it is easier to find potential customers, most of the efforts of content marketing teams are carried out in a digital environment, and it is possible to solve some problems:

  • The need to increase the presence search are organic are:

Your s customers can not m buy from you if you can not you find, currently over 90% d the purchase made start at a search engine, and over 50% are organic search results (not necessarily pay the).

By providing valuable content to the user, increase the chances of achieving a ranking high in search engines, in addition there is the ease of sharing content , especially through social networks, increasing the visibility and confidence about a brand.

  • Make content marketing planning

It is necessary to remember that content marketing should help your customers with some solution , not sell to them. When is offered freely to the user something valuable that he would be willing to pay for it, it becomes easier to con s truir a relationship with confidence.

Trust is a powerful sales tool , the customer feels comfortable making purchases with a brand he trusts, so when planning content, customers’ wishes and needs must be taken into account.

  • Retorno on investment (ROI)

The content marketing can help increase web traffic, support the qualification of leads and lead conversions into sales.

5 Components of content marketing

There are several types of content marketing, to determine the best channels or the best ways is to determine the type of content that your potential customer wants to consume, among the most used types are:

  1. Blog posts

The company’s blog is a tool that can and should be used to promote other content, this will help to keep the posts on a consistent schedule, with the use of SEO techniques it is possible to attract many visitors who will become potential customers.

  1. Ebo oks

The content of an e-book must follow a narrative structure and include an attractive visual design. They are generally made available in exchange for user information and data. The production of e-books strengthens the authority on the subject of your company and helps to share your expertise.

  1. Video

Using video s is part of an effective content marketing strategy, especially by keeping it as timeless as possible, this helps you not need to continually spend time and money creating more. High quality video content can also be posted on You tube to expose the brand.

  1. Infographics

Information or data in a visual way, infographics are also attractive to the public, through which it is much easier and faster to pass information and for learning, and are also shareable content.

  1. Webinar

The webinars is like a lecture, choosing a relevant topic for the public, and developing the subject, it is a form of online, educational and informative seminar.

Content marketing is a fundamental strategy that any company that wants to leverage its business must use, it is worth studying the subject in more detail and checking which are the best forms of approach to content marketing, which best suits your brand and your customers.

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