Storytelling content marketing

At from Storytelling content marketing is possible to attract customer attention. We see that the best marketing jobs use the power of narrative to promote brands and increase conversion rates, but what is s torytelling content marketing?

What is storytelling content marketing?

The literal translation of the term storytelling content marketing means marketing of narrative content, but why is storytelling a strategy to win more customers?

This is because people like to read or listen to stories, stories create connections based on empathy, moreover, it is scientifically proven that people remember facts told in stories much more than those that are based only on data and numbers.

Therefore, narrative can be responsible for a considerable increase in the conversion rate of customers, it is an efficient tactic for content marketing.

That is why a company with good conversion techniques uses narratives in its marketing campaigns to promote its business.

Why is storytelling important to marketing?

To know why telling storytelling content marketing is important to promote a brand, it is good to remember what it is to tell a story:

Telling a story is telling a story with imaginary or real people or events for entertainment, and storytelling is an ancient art of sharing messages.

The message will include a plot, protagonist and characters, with some conflicts on a theme, as well as in ‘fairy tales’.

So a story should be:

  • Easy to understand;
  • Emotive;
  • Believable;
  • Useful;
  • Motivational to;
  • Transmissible;

A history with these elements is capable of increasing the levels of oxytocin in the body, a hormone responsible for the sensation of pleasure and well-being.

In this way, marketing campaigns want to form a happy and strong bond with their potential customers by telling stories. These stories can be a device for potential customers to understand that a brand’s products can add value to their lives.

Benefits of storyte ling content marketing

There are many benefits for a brand that knows how to do storytelling content marketing among them:

  • Building a strong connection with the public;
    It forms a more humane marketing;
  • Storytelling can help build brand confidence;
    Helps to share your brand’s vision in a pleasant way;
  • A company with a long history can differentiate itself from its competitors;
  • Helps to win the loyalty of a customer, making him always look for that brand he trusts;

How to do storytelling in marketing

Anyway, it seems easy to tell stories, but when they are focused on marketing it is necessary to pay attention to some steps to captivate and develop an emotional connection with the interlocutor:

  • Content structure: assemble quality content, even if it is not a story itself;
  • E-mail marketing: with well-designed content, there is a greater incentive for the recipient to open the message and subscribe to the e-mail;
  • Branding and brand management: it is not just a purpose or exposure of values ​​and culture, but also the details present between the lines to make a desired brand.

For a good story development, think about the elements: the importance of an introduction, the presentation of the problem, some objections that can discourage (a problem cannot be underestimated), offer help (ways to overcome a conflict), overcoming steps and resolution.

A story told in an authentic way is a quick way to connect with another human being, so the story told must be genuine and unique.

The personality of the brand must be reflected through history, which is not a sales announcement, but a way for a customer to reach your product and make the purchase naturally, so it is important to do a good job of storytelling content marketing.

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